State a conclusion that seems reasonable You eat a new kind of fruit and suffer from hives for the first time in your life. A week later, you try the fruit again and the hives recur. A month later you have a similar experience Conclusion Can you believe this is math lol

Accepted Solution

Answer:Conclusion: something about the fruit causes hivesYes, math is a subject in which you're taught inductive and deductive reasoningStep-by-step explanation:If hives are only associated with the ingestion of the fruit, then it is reasonable to conclude that ingestion of the fruit is the proximate cause of the hives.(In my experience, it is often not the fruit itself that is the issue, but the manner in which it is grown. Conventionally grown strawberries and pineapple and bell peppers give me hives, but organically grown versions of the same do not.)_____Math is one of the few courses in which logical reasoning skills are developed. (Emotional reasoning may be developed in literature courses.) Statistics courses try to teach you that correlation is not causation, so the conclusion you would reach might be ...   ingestion of the fruit is highly correlated with outbreaks of hives