The percent of the total area of the United States that is in each of four states is shown.a. Write the percents as fractions in simplest form.Alaska: 17.5%=17.5%= Florida: 1.7%= 1.7%= Hawaii: 0.288%= 0.288%= Illinois: 1.5%= 1.5%= b. How many times larger, to the nearest tenth, is Illinois than Hawaii?Illinois is about times larger than Hawaii.Question 2c. Compared to the map of Florida, is the map of Alaska the correct size? Explain your reasoning.The map of Alaska is not the correct size. The percent given for Alaska is greater than the percent given for Florida.d. Which of the states shown are larger than Illinois?Alaska and Florida are larger than Illinois.27 of 38 answeredcheck answerNext

Accepted Solution

Alaska =18 Florida =2 Hawaii =.3 and Illinois = 2.0